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A significant moment in PARS’ history

Dec 15, 2021



As Chair of PARS, it is my honour to share with stakeholders and supporters that at the 2020 AGM in September, our members approved a suite of amendments to PARS’ constitution. This approval was the culmination of a year-long consultation process where we sought to capture the voices of our people; from the board table through every level of the operation, and externally, to ensure PARS’ governing guidelines reflect and support the needs of our tangata and PARS’ vision of a living, thriving ecology of care that heals, restores and transforms.

The review came about through reflection on PARS’ purpose and how it can best deliver on this vision. The disparities for Māori within the Justice system at entry, delivery and exit points are well known – systemically imbalanced and unhelpful in terms of whānau reaching an enduring and respectful state of whānau ora. It is essential PARS’ constitution is a governance model that expresses true and respectful relationships (trust and confidence) and partnerships (business model) that enhance the great work already being delivered by PARS’ kaimahi and kaiawhina. We are satisfied that the approved changes align with PARS’ commitment to working in accordance with the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi and its core values of manaakitanga, wairuatanga, rangatiratanga, arohatanga, whakapapa, whanaungatanga.

At the end of a year of many hours of comprehensive review and consultation, it was humbling to bear witness as my co-signees, fellow board member, Deacon Hans Flapper, and long-standing PARS staff member Vivi Lee, signed the newly approved constitution.


The board extends its thanks and gratitude to all who contributed to the development of the constitution. To all stakeholders, staff, funders and members who gave of their knowledge and passion, it is through your efforts that we have realised this historically significant outcome.

A special thanks to Sue Barker of Sue Barker Charities Law; one of Aotearoa’s foremost experts in charities law. Sue worked alongside PARS throughout the review process; ensuring legal compliance and that all nuances and implications were considered, and delivering a robust and future-proofed set of guidelines.

Our final acknowledgement and thanks go to PARS CEO, Tui Ah Loo, for her leadership and guidance throughout the process. As always, Tui maintained a keen focus on ensuring the needs and rights of tangata and whānau were considered during all discussions.


* Highlights of the last year and information about PARS’ key projects can be read in PARS 2019/2020 annual report.