Te Ohomai Rangatahi – Awakening the Potential of Rangatahi

Nov 3, 2021

Last week, the Share My Super blog showcased PARS’ Te Ohomai Rangatahi service.

At PARS, it is our responsibility to be the kaitiaki (caretakers) of our rangatahi (young people); our future leaders. To do this we have a dedicated space called Te Ohomai Rangatahi – Awakening the Potential of Rangatahi: a rangatahi-centred and whānau-inclusive service for individuals who have been part of the justice system. This service supports rangatahi to reintegrate into their whānau and/or communities of choice, and specialises in preventing rangatahi from entering the justice system, or when they are in it, to get out and stay out.

Our way of working is:

Ohomai – bringing rangatahi and their whānau into PARS’ whānau.
Ohoake – journeying with our rangatahi to inspire, aspire and realise potential.
Ohoatu – puāwaitanga (the blossoming). Our rangatahi are ready to be the kaihautū of their own waka. Proud, knowing and naming their world. Connected and grounded.

Success for our young people lies in whānau, community, connection, and support. PARS’ holistic approach addresses not just the need for food, clothing, and shelter, but also the intergenerational poverty of the mind, the spirit, the body.

As the pandemic continues to challenge us all with finding evermore creative ways to continue delivering our services amidst the various restrictions, getting the right support to our rangatahi is critical to their successful reintegration: putting help on hold during lockdowns isn’t an option. In a climate where uncertainty, fear, and access to services are already challenging enough, young people are at that particularly vulnerable age where the pressures of social media and employment issues are also rife. For our rangatahi, these are exacerbated further by things like court appearances, and lockdowns straining relationships with newly-reconnected whānau.

PARS’ “one-size-fits-one” philosophy has been invaluable in addressing individuals’ needs and creating solutions that keep our rangatahi and whānau moving strongly and positively forward despite the challenges.

Every dollar received through Share My Super goes directly into Te Ohomai Rangatahi, and it is with the generosity of these donors that in the past financial year, 173 individual rangatahi and their wider whānau were supported: 135 rangatahi were reintegrated on release and 38 rangatahi were reintegrated upon return to Aotearoa following deportation.

Together, we are creating sustainable change for tomorrow’s leaders.

He waka eke noa
We are all in this together

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