Volunteer: Siilvie

Dec 17, 2018

Hola! My name is Siilvie and I am from Brazil. 

I migrated to New Zealand and decided I would like to contribute to the community that had welcomed us, so I decided to become a volunteer. I also wanted to use my time while my children are at school in a productive way and to meet new people. 

When I made contact with PARS I felt a warm connection straight away. I have been helping with office work and I can see how busy the team are and that it is good for them to have volunteers to help with some of the tasks so they can focus on helping the people in need. 

I have found it very interesting to be at PARS and see the way they work with people who need a lot of help. I think it is a very valuable service and when I think about how it would be for some people if they did not have PARS it makes me think of Brazil where it’s not as safe as New Zealand. Volunteering for PARS has been the greatest thing I have done since coming to live here and I just wish that I had found PARS before now.