Mark’s story

Dec 17, 2018

Age 39

Mark and his sister were born in the South Island and adopted by a family who lived in Hamilton where Mark grew up for the first eight years of his life.

As a teenager, Mark began to ‘push the boundaries’ and was in a serious car accident with two of his friends. While in ICU Mark was administered high doses of morphine to alleviate the pain and as a consequence, he became severely addicted to the medication.

Mark was sentenced to six years imprisonment for crimes underpinned by addiction. Once released, Mark was immediately deported to New Zealand where he hadn’t lived since childhood. 

Through the help of PARS, he was able to get an interview with an employer that was supportive about his transition back to work. It was the sense of support from PARS that helped give Mark the confidence to undertake the interview and go forward to feel a sense of achievement in getting the job.