Te Hokinga Mai – Raki

Te Pā leads a consortium of partners in the delivery of Te Hokinga Mai – Raki: a service supporting tangata and their whānau to return home and thrive in the Auckland and Northern Regions.

Hokinga mai, return home


Te Hokinga Mai literally means “to return home”, which encompasses our ethos of supporting tangata to return to their whānau and thrive following a period of incarceration. Raki refers to the Northern Region (Auckland and Te Tai Tokerau/Northland).

The service supports tangata who are serving a short sentence (under two years) and those on remand (for any length of time) with reintegration services aimed at assisting participants and their whānau through the transition from prison back into the community.

Te Hokinga Mai – Raki is funded by Ara Poutama Department of Corrections to deliver the Out of Gate Reintegration Service and Remand Reintegration Programme in the Auckland and Northland regions.

Te Hokinga Mai – Raki consortium partners


The consortium members have a history of working together and are all high-performing providers who are dedicated to improving the wellbeing of tangata and whānau.

The name Te Hokinga Mai – Raki also reflects an important relationship we have with another provider consortium located in the Hawkes Bay/East Coast area, Te Hokinga Mai – Takitimu-Horouta, with whom we mutually support participants and their whānau to return home between our geographic areas. This is one of several important collaborative alliances or relationships Te Pā has with multiple stakeholders across Aotearoa.



E hara taku toa
I te toa takitahi
He toa takitini


My strength is not as an individual, but as a collective.