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Section 501: coming home sweet home?

Aug 31, 2018

Under Section 501 of Australia’s Migration Act all non-citizens who fail a character test are sent home. 

LISTEN 12’ 21”

Hour-long documentarySection 501, to be screened on Māori TV on Monday September 3rd, follows deportees Mark and Josh as they try to reintegrate into New Zealand. 

They are helped by Auckland based charity, People at Risks Solutions, or PARS. 

Over 1,300 Kiwis have been deported to New Zealand in the past 3 years, with more set to come.  Mark tells us there are “hundreds of boys waiting to come back here”.

PARS Project Manager Tracey Mouat and filmmaker and director of Section 501 Prisca Bouchet speak to Kathryn Ryan.

Source: Radio New Zealand 
Host: Kathryn Ryan