PARS/Te Ira “the blueprint for the future”

Jun 17, 2020


PARS is pleased to share the formal evaluation of our PARS/Te Ira Rangatahi Service.

Originally established in 2015, PARS/Te Ira is a rangatahi-centred and whānau-inclusive service supporting rangatahi aged 12-24 years to reintegrate into their whānau and/or communities of choice, and specialises in enabling rangatahi to get out and stay out of the justice system. The model has evolved over the intervening years as we have reviewed and refined our offering to better meet the needs of our tangata (clients).

At PARS, our services are based on our belief that we are the kaitiaki (caretakers) of our future leaders, and PARS/Te Ira is one way in which we strive to actualise our call to action; Not one more generation of disadvantaged children and youth.

A comprehensive evaluation of PARS/Te Ira was carried out across an 18-month period from mid-2018 to December 2019. Evaluators, Shea Pita & Associates, gathered a range of quantitative and qualitative data to assess the service and applied a kaupapa Māori approach — a Māori way of being, thinking, and doing — to their process.

The evaluation revealed a significant number of strengths and successes, and as CEO I am proud of our team and the positive difference they are making in the lives of our rangatahi and their whānau. As noted in the evaluation: “PARS/Te Ira staff were consistently described as excellent at building relationships with clients, despite barriers including distrust of the system and cultural diversity”, and “…genuinely focussed on rehabilitation and good outcomes for the rangatahi they work with”.

I would also like to acknowledge the support of the legal sector and our tangata.

When the external participants were asked if they would recommend PARS/Te Ira to others, there was an overwhelming positive response.

“All the other Judges ask about PARS/Te Ira because… there is a huge need for it.”

— District Court Judge


“[PARS/Te Ira] has the backing of… the legal profession out here and you’ve got the judiciary supporting, the police prosecuting agencies… the crown are the same too.”

— Public defence lawyer


“I never really had any hopes or saw a future for myself, like a real future… I have goals now and things I want to work towards. Not just for myself, but for my kids’ future as well.”

— Female, 27


“Helped me to have confidence in myself and hold my head high… they’re awesome. They helped me learn how to find my way and not always look back, just keep moving forward.”

— Male, 19

We thank Shea Pita & Associates for their thorough evaluation, helpful insights and thoughtful suggestions for potential development opportunities. He mihi maioha kia koe e te Rangatira Sharon.

With the support of our stakeholders, the dedication of our team, and the hard work of our tangata and their whānau, we are moving ever closer to our vision of a living, thriving ecology of care that heals, restores and transforms our people.

The full evaluation report, Tangata Ako, can be viewed here.

Tangata ako ana i te kāenga, te tūranga ki te marae, tau ana.
A person nurtured in the community contributes strongly to society.